When you walk into our offices, you will be warmly welcomed by our friendly staff.

If this is your first visit with us, you will fill out a brief health history where you record any medical history, past/present injuries and other physical conditions we should be made aware of. We will review your chart with you, and inquire about the reason(s) you are coming in for a massage, your current physical condition and any specific areas in which you are experiencing pain or would like addressed during your massage.

Once the paperwork is complete, all your stress and worries can fade away as we prepare to begin the massage. A comfortable massage table dressed with a blanket and crisp clean sheets awaits. The therapist will leave the room and wait outside while you disrobe to your level of comfort. The massage etiquette varies for clients. Some clients prefer to completely disrobe, while some will remain partially clothed. Either option is fine. Once disrobed, you will lie on the massage table, under the top sheet and blanket. Your massage therapist will give you a few minutes for this process and will knock on the door to ask if you are ready before entering your room. You will always be draped with the top sheet during your massage session and an additional blanket is available at your request. The etiquette your massage therapist will follow is to only uncover the part of the body they are working on, ensuring that your modesty is respected at all times.

You can expect a tranquil and comfortable environment during your massage. There will be relaxing music playing, unless you request otherwise, and the room should be quiet, with little to no outside distractions.

Some people like to talk during a massage. Some prefer to relax without conversation. Do what feels best. We’ll follow your lead.

Before beginning the session, your therapist will ask you to alert them if, at any time during the session, a technique or stroke they are using is uncomfortable. Depending on your specific needs or requests, your massage therapist will either perform a customized full-body massage (for general relaxation and stress reduction) or focus on the specific parts of your body that you have requested. Olive Tree Therapeutic Massage uses only the highest quality organic and pure massage creams and lotions for your massage.

Once your massage therapy session is complete, your therapist will leave the room so you may re-dress. You may take your time getting up and preparing to continue on with your day. If you wish to schedule a future visit, you may do so before leaving our offices.

If you have any questions about the etiquette, techniques or anything else during your massage, we will be happy to answer them for you. We look forward to seeing you for your first visit!

Get in touch with Emily to schedule an appointment.